Live Video

Live broadcast your videos on social platforms via built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and let the world feel your rhythm.

APP Remote Control and Sharing

The respective Qlippie APP allows you to control the camera from your smart phone. You may choose from normal, slow motion, time-lapse shooting modes for your videography and photography. With Qlippie APP, you can use built-in filters to enhance your images and one-click to share your life moments to social platforms like WeChat, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Built-in Filters

Enhance your images with built-in filters.

Instant sharing

One-click to share your life moments to social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The Qlippie APP is compatible with iPhone and Android devices.

Time-Lapse Video 3X Slow-Motion Video

Time-Lapse Video

Qlippie is able to create amazing time-lapse video by capturing a few hours of scenery into just afew minutes of footage. You can experience life at your own pace for the rhythm of time is in your hands.

3X Slow-Motion Video

If you want to capture events slowing down in time, the Qlippie offers slow-motion videography that slows shots down by three-fold. You can record skateboarders freezing in time above the pipe, a dog shaking off rain drops from its matted fur,
sparkling snow flying towards the sun, and many more beautiful scenes enhanced with slow-motion videography.

  • Silent Mode

    Qlippie's settings offers silent mode, where all of the camera's sounds are turned off, allowing for more quiet and polite photography and videography.

  • Orientation Settings

    Flip the Qlippie upside-down at any time, or attach it inverted onto your car's windshield or your clothing, and take photos and videos with no worry since you can turn the shots right-side-up through the APP.

  • Firmware Update

    Once Qlippie is connected to Wi-Fi, you can upgrade the latest version of firmware.

Learn More About Performance

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